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Rigid/Non-Steering Suspensions

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A clean and simple design for customers looking for an inexpensive, lightweight lift axle.


The only solution for a 4-Car hauler for locations with auto auctions and auto dealers.


A Lightweight suspension that is great for trucks needing 12,000 pounds of additional gross weight.


A great product for vehicles with minimal ground to frame distances as low as 23 inches.


A lighweight solution that is great for 12,000 pounds of additional gross weight with more ‘high’ lift.


A compact air chamber lift suspension that fit frames where no outer frame space is available.


An inexpensive axle kit that utilizes 12,000 pound take-off I-beam front axles for a simple solution.


A suspension that offers high lift and total payload up to 13,000 pounds of additional gross weight.


A suspension that is used when you need to fit spaced frame widths with no outer frame space.


The suspension that is needed when 13,000 is not enough but 22,500 pounds is too much.


The workhorse of the suspension line offering 22,500 pounds as a pusher and 25,000 pounds as a tag.


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